Learning to Learn

Learning to Learn is an inherent part of the school culture. Our students are encouraged to think, analyze and question things before they understand. In the process, we make learning an enjoyable experience.


The world is moving at a faster pace than ever. Thanks to globalization and the advent of new technologies, the world is now a smaller place. But it is very unfortunate that ‘individualism’ has tangled our lives so much in this ever changing world that ‘Compassion’ has become an ‘forgotten word’. Everyday The school starts of with a prayer in the “Shrine hall”. Everyday Religious sayings from Geetha, Bible and Kuran are preached. Our students experience the joy of giving through a number of social welfare programs in school.

Activity-Based Learning

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”

“Why does a student doze off in a class after a nice lunch while he gets excited if a movie is about to be played?”-We at Achyuta ask ourselves this question everyday. We constantly strive to make learning an enjoyable process rather than being very monotonous. These efforts have paved way for the introduction of ‘Smart Classes’ and ‘Activity based Learning’. Your child is therefore going to enjoy his subjects and not just learn the same.

Mere Book is No Education

”Mere Book is no education” Achyutans are given a number of opportunities to evolve and groom themselves. A number of competitions and contests are conducted in the school to nurture the potential in each student. In addition to them, a number of Extra-curicular activities--(ECA) and sports events take place in School to bring about a well –rounded development in children.

Mentor Program

A small team of our faculty provides additional support and guidance for students who are underachieving and/or are expecting difficulties. They use a variety of strategies for removing barriers to learning in order to promote effective participation, enhance individual learning, raise aspirations and thus enable students achieve their full potential.

Parent-Teacher Consultations

"The Parent is the second teacher, We at Akshaya firmly believe the above saying. Throughout the year, we have parents" consultation evenings where the student’s progress is discussed. During these sessions, the shortcomings of the student are identified and ways to resolve the same are discussed. In addition to this, a comprehensive progress card outlining the progress of the student is sent to the parents every term.


  1. Spoken English
  2. Robotics Lab
  3. Smart Board
  4. Air Conditioned Library
  5. Montessori Based Class